Singer/Songwriter Aaron Barnhart Launches Kickstarter Campaign — Donate Now!

UPDATE: Aaron Barnhart made his goal! He’s currently making his record at Brick & Mortar Recording and will release it to his fans shortly.

UPDATE: Aaaron Barnhart is $770 short of his goal. He has until May 4th to make it happen! Click here to donate.

When I launched The Dishmaster, I had a dream of using it to highlight up-and-coming artists. And when those up-and-coming artists are also personal friends, the process is doubly joyful. Today’s highlight includes the very talented Aaron Barnhart, who is in the process of recording his second album, and he’s using Kickstarter to raise the funds. For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, here’s how it works: The artist sets a monetary goal and a deadline of when he has to achieve that goal. If he doesn’t raise the funds by the deadline, all of the money is returned to the donors and the artist gets nothing. It’s a great way for underground musicians to raise money for a product they would otherwise never be able to create. And because I have a die-hard love of both music and Aaron Barnhart, it’s time to ask my readers to contribute to making his record happen. He’ll be recording it at Brick & Mortar Studios in Los Angeles, and he has so far raised $2,290. He has until May 4 to reach his $3,500 goal, and you can make it happen. Click the link below to contribute to his new album. Also, click the second link to listen to an interview with the artist himself, and click the third link to listen to a live recording from the new record.


Aaron Barnhart & The Revelators at ‘R Bar’ — Great Show

When you live in Los Angeles, you’re often exposed to a wide array of douchebags that lie about their accomplishments. So when you meet someone genuine and talented, you can’t help but root for their success. One such talented individual is a Mr. Aaron Barnhart, who I had the pleasure of watching perform at a fantastic Los Angeles venue in Koreatown known as ‘R Bar.’ He was joined by his “Revelators,” which included Robert Columbus (drums), Josh Jove (guitar), and Sam Skolfield (bass guitar). In addition to Aaron’s original material, they played some great blues music, and I looked around the room to discover the crowd feeling the groove. Aaron is about to release his sophomore album, and judging from what I’ve heard so far, it’s going to be damn good. Listen to a tune from his debut album below.