Artie Lange Wants Back on Howard Stern — Stern Says No

In a recent interview, Artie Lange said he hopes to return to Howard Stern to promote his new book in November. Since Stern consistently refuses Lange’s requests to return, my guess is that this request won’t be any different. When previously asked about Lange’s return, Stern said, “I don’t even feel strong enough within myself or that I’d be doing the right thing by him, because I don’t want to do the wrong thing for Artie. I just want Artie to stay alive.”

Artie Lange Returns to Radio — But Not With Howard Stern

Artie Lange finally returned to the radio air-waves, but he curiously talked with Nick DiPaolo and not Howard Stern. His choice of venue might make you scratch your head. After all, wouldn’t the great Howard Stern want Artie’s first interview since his suicide attempt? Before you question Artie’s loyalty, you might like to know that Howard Stern won’t let Artie back on the show. How do I know this? — Because it comes straight from the horse’s mouth. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Stern said, “[Artie] said to me recently that he would be willing to come on the air and explain what happened and stuff. I don’t even feel strong enough within myself or that I’d be doing the right thing by him, because I don’t want to do the wrong thing for Artie. I just want Artie to stay alive.” So there you have it. Stern took on a lot of guilt when Artie attempted suicide, so much so that he rarely mentions him on the air. Though his fans have complained, Stern insists that he doesn’t feel right discussing him. That’s probably the right decision.

Howard Stern Admits Why He Won’t Discuss Artie Lange

Howard Stern fans everywhere have consistently complained about how Stern blatantly dodges the Artie Lange topic.  Since Lange’s suicide attempt, Stern suspiciously changes the subject every time Lange’s name is mentioned, which outrages fans.  On today’s Show, Stern finally addressed the elephant in the room (no pun in intended).  He said that he remembers how he felt when he first heard about Lange, and he “did a lot of self examination” about whether he contributed to his demise.  He therefore tries to “be extremely careful” when mentioning Lange.  Though Stern didn’t blatantly say this, I think he takes a lot of responsibility for Lange, because he continued to employ him and make fun of him at the height of his drug abuse.  Stern still insists that he had no idea Artie was using drugs, but I’m not sure I believe it.  First, Artie admitted to using drugs, and though he said he was getting clean, Stern always questioned his sobriety on the air.  The staff even called Stern a hypocrite for letting Artie show up late or not at all, while holding the rest of the staff to a higher standard.  In fact, Norm MacDonald called Stern an enabler on the air, and Stern said he liked Artie and wouldn’t fire him over his drug abuse.  Artie ultimately left the show because Sirius kicked him out — not Stern.  They basically forced Stern’s hand.  I’m not blaming Stern, though I do think he should have fired Artie long before Sirius did.

Artie Lange Performs at Comedy Club — And Looks Great

Artie Lange fans will rejoice to hear that he’s recovered from his recent suicide attempt. Lange performed stand-up at The Comedy Center this weekend, alongside Craig Gass. Gass mentioned that Lange looked great while on Howard Stern today, and Stern suspiciously avoided the subject. I’m guessing that Stern still does not know how to tactfully discuss Lange, and he therefore avoids the subject as much as possible.  Judging from the pictures of Lange, it looks like he got his act together.  There is a rumor that he will appear on Stern prior to Stern’s contract with Sirius ending, but who knows if he would ever return to the show on a permanent basis.  It’s probably best that he doesn’t.

Artie Lange Update: Will He Ever Return to Howard Stern?

I stumbled across a re-cap of the wrap up show recently and was surprised to discover that no one seems to know if Lange will return.  Gary Dell’Abate, the producer for the show, said that Lange’s return is dependant on whether Stern re-signs with Sirius, indicating that Lange won’t be returning within the year (Stern’s contract is up in January, 2011).  He also said that Artie is “not good but better.”  Since Stern has yet to use guest hosts for Lange’s chair, I’m guessing that Stern hasn’t decided if Lange will return.  That could be because Stern isn’t sure if he would allow Lange to return, or he simply doesn’t know if Lange is physically or mentally capable of returning.  Let’s hope Artie Lange makes a full recovery.  Listen to Dell’Abate discuss the situation below.