Artie Lange Update: Will He Ever Return to Howard Stern?

I stumbled across a re-cap of the wrap up show recently and was surprised to discover that no one seems to know if Lange will return.  Gary Dell’Abate, the producer for the show, said that Lange’s return is dependant on whether Stern re-signs with Sirius, indicating that Lange won’t be returning within the year (Stern’s contract is up in January, 2011).  He also said that Artie is “not good but better.”  Since Stern has yet to use guest hosts for Lange’s chair, I’m guessing that Stern hasn’t decided if Lange will return.  That could be because Stern isn’t sure if he would allow Lange to return, or he simply doesn’t know if Lange is physically or mentally capable of returning.  Let’s hope Artie Lange makes a full recovery.  Listen to Dell’Abate discuss the situation below.