Mary Louise Parker Addresses Billy Crudup’s Affair With Claire Danes

  Hollywood’s hottest scandals usually involve cheating, but the muck takes on extra meaning when one of the parties is pregnant at the time of the indiscretion. For those that simply forgot, here’s the rundown. ‘Weeds’ star Mary Louise Parker’s longtime partner, Billy Crudup, flew the coop for Claire Danes, who was his co-star in ‘Stage Beauty’ at the time of their torrid romance. Parker never publicly discussed the scandal, but her big belly and her exes very public display of affection for his new lady love said enough. Years later, she is speaking up about her heartbreak in a new book, in which she writes letters to exes. Parker recounted her unnecessary argument with a cab driver who kicked her out while she was pregnant for yelling at him. Her reply to him saying he didn’t want her in his cab anymore was, “No one [wants me] and “I am alone. Look, see? I am pregnant and alone. It hurts to even breathe.” Catch a clip of Claire Danes on Howard Stern discussing her decision to start dating Crudup at the time. Danes and Crudup didn’t last, and she has since married Hugh Dancy.