Brooke Shields Talks Andre Agassi Divorce

Hell hath no fury like a woman who can’t get over something 14 years later. While interviewing divorce-lawyer-diva Laura Wasser during her stint as Today Show guest host, Shields brought up her divorce from Andre Agassi, and one of his nasty comments. It’s shocking, really. I mean — this is the first I’ve heard of someone saying something contentious during a relationship’s demise. Listen below for the extremely offensive comment. Then you should cry a tear for Brooke Shields.

Neil Patrick Harris’ Opening Number at the Tony’s — BRILLIANT!!

When I was young, my father forced me to go to the theater. He took me to see ‘A Chorus Line’ at seven years old, and despite my complaining, he insisted I’d love it. He was right. Since then, I’ve dated a few guys whom I’ve asked to take me to a show, and they all denied my request, followed by a lecture on how only gay men enjoy the theater. I’d scratch my head with confusion, and remind them that my father isn’t gay, and he loves it. As it turns out, Jewish men are an exception to the rule. Neil Patrick Harris addressed these stereotypes in his very funny opening number for the Tony’s, which included a masterful handling of Brooke Shields’ singing flub. Watch below.
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Brooke Shields Isn’t Happy with Andre Agassi

While promoting his book, Andre Agassi claimed that Brooke Shields read the parts of the book that involved her, prior to its release.  Well, Shields isn’t pleased.  In an interview for Easy Living Magazine, she said  “He made me sit in a room with his ghost writer and read what the writer had written.  And of course he wouldn’t change anything I remembered differently, so I was like, why did I read it then? So you can tell everybody, ‘She read it.’? Which means, ‘She’s put her stamp of approval on it?’ I didn’t put my stamp of approval on anything. It wasn’t what I remembered.  I don’t know why he wrote the book, I’m not sure he’s gotten the reaction he hoped for.”  Yikes.  I guess you can’t expect an ex-spouse to be too happy with you about anything.  The biggest dig in her comment though is that he used a ghost writer.  Though it’s an unspoken truth that celebs use ghost writers, publishers still hope to keep it on the DL.