Music Spotlight: Lykke Li

I’ve recently discovered my affinity for Swedish musicians.  First, Erik Hassle, and now Lykke Li.  Sure, they have much different musical styles, but perhaps Sweden is churning out some really good musicians.  As per my usual routine, I discovered Lykke Li on Pandora through my Florence + The Machine station.  I then went to Grooveshark and listened to her entire Youth Novels album, which is incredible.  She has yet to achieve mainstream success in the United States, with the exception of her appearance on Last Call With Carson Daly in 2009 (yes, Carson Daly is still alive) and a performance at the 2009 Lollapalooza Music Festival.  Listen to her music below.  I recommend Little Bit.


Today’s Question — Is Carson Daly Still Alive?

The very bitchy part of me could not resist that title (I apologize for digressing from my consistent positivity).  The news that Carson Daly’s NBC show got renewed for a 10th season shocked me, primarily because I had no idea he was still on the air.  There’s a very specific reason that Carson Daly annoys me.  He made his mark by hosting MTV’s  Total Request Live, at a time when bubble-gum pop music was exploding.  While many complained that the boy-bands and pop-tarts were destroying music, Carson stood firm, never letting his judgment show.  Then, he got his show on NBC.  He used his show as a platform to promote “real music,’ and constantly bashed the same artists that he used to promote.  Ever wonder why you have never seen Britney Spears perform on his show?  Weren’t they bosom buddies on TRL?  I also once heard him say (during one of his pompous rants) that he felt American Idol was just a “shortcut,” to making it in the industry.  How dare he insult such a monumental show!  As an aside, I’d actually like to extend a special thanks to NBC for renewing Last Call With Carson Daly — you gave me an excuse to explain my Daly-anger.