Cyndi Lauper Exits the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ in Style

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ it’s that Cyndi Lauper is one fierce biatch! She was “fired” by Donald Trump even though she received the most compliments from the executives. But that didn’t keep her from exiting the show with grace and integrity (hear that Melissa Rivers?). She clearly has a heart of gold, and she was certainly the most compelling celebrity on the show. Watch her exit interview below.

Rosie O’Donnell Explains why she was at Donald Trump’s Wedding

On the first week of ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Donald Trump told Cindi Lauper in the boardroom that Rosie O’Donnell attended his wedding to Marla Maples.  Lauper looked confused, and so was I.  Were Trump and Rosie friends once upon a time?  Why would she be there?  Well, Rosie recently cleared up the mystery, posting a picture on her blog, and stating that she went as someone’s date.  See Donald tell Cindi the news below, and click on the link to see the picture of Rosie at the wedding. 

Photo: Rosie at Trump’s Wedding

Celebrity Apprentice Contestant asks Terminally Ill Child What he Wants to be When he Grows Up

Seriously?  At one point in last Sunday’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ children from the Make-A-Wish Foundation arrived, and one child was asked what he wants to be when he grows up, to which he replied, “I haven’t thought about that yet.”  The camera cut away as the question was asked, but I am almost positive that Selita Ebanks is the “celebrity” culprit that asked that horrendous question.  Holly Robinson Peete then discussed this moment, stating that it was “really rough” to hear his answer.  Is this a sick joke?  Yeah, I am pretty sure it wasn’t as rough for you as it was for this poor kid that had to answer it!!

[Selita Ebanks – Victoria’s Secret Model]