‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Reveals Unexpected Romance

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ often surprises us with unexpected deaths or on-set explosions, but last night’s episode proved romance can be just as shocking. In a movie no one saw coming, Meredith got her groove back with Nathan Riggs, after a parking-lot fight turned into a steamy makeout. Alex also professed his love for Jo and re-proposed marriage, only to receive a sad rejection. Watch both clips below.

Desperate Housewives Spoiler: Is Mike Delfino a Jerk?

If you’ve been watching Desperate Housewives lately, you might have noticed the mysterious absence of Mike Delfino (played by James Denton).  I call it “mysterious” because there’s no logical excuse for his disappearance, other than that he’s a bad husband.  His wife (played by Teri Hatcher), is in search of a kidney, and her husband is never seen at the hospital.  So where is he?  My guess is that the powers-that-be cut his episodes this season in hopes of saving money.  Perhaps they figured he wasn’t an integral character, and they could do without him.  But since it doesn’t make any sense from a writing perspective, I think it’s a gigantic misfire on Marc Cherry’s part.  Either explain his absence with a sensible storyline, or remove him from the show altogether.  But it just doesn’t make sense to use him so sparingly, especially when his wife is ill.

‘Glee’ Spoiler: Will Terri Return to the Show?

Jessalyn Gilsig confirms that her future on ‘Glee’ is “uncertain.”  Fox has yet to pick her up for next season, so she has absolutely no clue if she will return.  While this doesn’t sound good for her, I will say that I’d like to see her return to the show.  The writers may have backed themselves into a corner though, as they made her character so insanely unlikable that I can’t imagine that anyone would root for a reunion with Matthew Morrison.  It’s a shame too, because Terri and Mr. Shuester had way more chemistry than he and Emma ever did (the Emma/Will storyline was a big misfire).

Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler – Does Alex Die?

Mike Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly confirms via Shonda Rhimes herself, that Alex/Justin Chambers will live. This makes me happy, especially since Alex is really the only Alpha male on the show. Patrick Dempsey is always near tears in every scene, and Owen is such a mess that I’m not quite sure he could knock a guy out if need be.

Grey’s Anatomy Finale: My Review

I confess that I’ve been picking on Shonda Rhimes a lot lately for being too dark.  But if there is anything I’m able to do, it’s admit when I’m wrong.  This Thursday’s finale was extremely dark, but still enjoyable, and it ties the series finale of ‘Six Feet Under’ as one of the best episodes of television that I’ve ever seen in my life.  I’ll also let you in on a little secret: I read the spoilers before watching the show.  Why?  Because I wanted to know who died before I saw it (I was scared of Shonda Rhimes scarring me for life).  Throughout the episode I kept asking myself who deserves an Emmy.  There were so many stand-out performances that I can’t pick just one.  Here’s my list of Emmy worthy scenes:
Sandra Oh: Cristina telling Meredith that she can’t enter the operating room while she operates on Derek. 

Ellen Pompeo: Meredith’s plea for the shooter to kill her instead of Derek, followed by her collapse to the floor when she believed that Cristina let him die (per the shooter’s wishes).
Chandra Wilson: Dr. Miranda Bailey’s freak-out realization that Percy would die, followed by the strength of pulling it together for him.

Sarah Drew: Her monologue to the shooter about being “somebody’s daughter” was gut-wrenchingly good.  She also navigated the freak-outs without getting annoyingly over the top.  She’s actually getting mixed reviews on the internet for her performance, much like Katherine Heigl did when she cut Denny’s LVAD wire.  I think she’s on her way to some very great opportunities.

Michael O’Neill: Ah, the evil shooter.  He clearly wins the entire episode.  Whoever the casting director is that found this guy and decided he’d be right for this role, deserves a huge raise and promotion.  When I first saw him on the show I knew he was a decent actor, but who knew he was capable of this?

Gossip Girl Spoiler: Does Chuck Live!??

Gossip Girl fans can finally take a breath.  Chuck lives!  The CW released spoilers for the next season, which starts off in Paris.  So what happens to Chuck?  According to the spoiler, “Season four will open with a radiant Serena and Blair enjoying their grand and romantic summer in Paris…until Chuck mysteriously arrives in town with a new girlfriend and a new identity. Blair swore off Chuck forever but will this changed man woo Blair into having a change of heart, or will Queen B set her sights on ruling Columbia University? And as for that baby…?”  Yikes!  I can’t wait!!

Desperate Housewives Spoiler: Kyle MacLachlan is Leaving the Show

This news certainly shocked me.  Kyle MacLachlan or “Orson Hodge” will be leaving ‘Desperate Housewives’ after four seasons with the show.  If you watch ‘Desperate Housewives’, you might have noticed that his character is extremely under-used, so either he was fired because Marc Cherry couldn’t dream up a compelling story-line, or he asked to leave because he felt creatively stifled.  Either way, I’m disappointed.  Perhaps it’s my love for ‘Sex and the City’ that attached me to his character, but its always upsetting when a series regular leaves the show.