Your News Now — Weekly Rundown


  • Kristen Stewart isn’t happy about Robert Pattinson’s new romance. STUFF
  • Kevin Jonas is having a kid. DIGISPY
  • Brian Van Holt & Courtney Cox are dating. USMAGAZINE
  • Ryan Seacrest has a new girlfriend. WETPAINT
  • Matthew Morrison is engaged. POPCRUNCH
  • Tina Turner got hitched to her long-time lover. IDOLATOR
  • Adam Levine popped the question. LA TIMES
  • ‘Veep’s’ Anna Chlumsky has her very own “my girl.” DAILY MAIL
  • Jonathan Groff & Zachary Quinto called it quits. ONTOPMAG
  • Geraldo Rivera posted a nude selfie. I’m blind. E! ONLINE
  • Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg are a new couple. JUST JARED


Matthew Morrison Badmouths Glee? — Ungrateful?

When actors get a hit television series they always want out of their contract. The offers start to pour in, and their egos take over. But because studios have them under five to seven year contracts, they have one of three choices: Politely ask to be released from their contract; cause a media frenzy and get fired by the studio (see Katherine Heigl); or wait it out until the show runs its course. Matthew Morrison might be opting for option two. He recently told The Mirror that he feels “trapped” on the show, and despite “having a really good lawyer” he “cannot get out of it.” He also said the show has caused him to turn down movie roles. I have a few things to say about this. First, getting a hit television show is the holy-fu*king-grail in the entertainment business. If you knew how many shows die each season, you’d be shocked. He should therefore get down on his knees and thank God for his luck. Second, studios and networks are very kind to their actors, and they more often than not allow them to render services on movies, provided it doesn’t interfere with their shooting schedule. And lastly, I sure hope Matthew Morrison is saving his money (see Katherine Heigl again).

The Tony Awards: My Favorite Performance – Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison (video)

With the exception of a few performances, I didn’t really like this year’s Tony Awards.  It felt a bit stale, and only ‘American Idiot’ gave me the desire to fly to New York and see a Broadway show.  Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele easily stole the show for me, and used their stage chops to show that they sound just as good live as they do on ‘Glee.’  As an aside, I refuse to believe that Matthew Morrison is straight.  I realize he was engaged to a woman, and claims to be a heterosexual, but I’d like to believe that the reason I can’t have him all to myself is because he just doesn’t like women in general.  That has to be the reason right?  Watch the performance below.

‘Glee’ Spoiler: Will Terri Return to the Show?

Jessalyn Gilsig confirms that her future on ‘Glee’ is “uncertain.”  Fox has yet to pick her up for next season, so she has absolutely no clue if she will return.  While this doesn’t sound good for her, I will say that I’d like to see her return to the show.  The writers may have backed themselves into a corner though, as they made her character so insanely unlikable that I can’t imagine that anyone would root for a reunion with Matthew Morrison.  It’s a shame too, because Terri and Mr. Shuester had way more chemistry than he and Emma ever did (the Emma/Will storyline was a big misfire).