Matthew Morrison Badmouths Glee? — Ungrateful?

When actors get a hit television series they always want out of their contract. The offers start to pour in, and their egos take over. But because studios have them under five to seven year contracts, they have one of three choices: Politely ask to be released from their contract; cause a media frenzy and get fired by the studio (see Katherine Heigl); or wait it out until the show runs its course. Matthew Morrison might be opting for option two. He recently told The Mirror that he feels “trapped” on the show, and despite “having a really good lawyer” he “cannot get out of it.” He also said the show has caused him to turn down movie roles. I have a few things to say about this. First, getting a hit television show is the holy-fu*king-grail in the entertainment business. If you knew how many shows die each season, you’d be shocked. He should therefore get down on his knees and thank God for his luck. Second, studios and networks are very kind to their actors, and they more often than not allow them to render services on movies, provided it doesn’t interfere with their shooting schedule. And lastly, I sure hope Matthew Morrison is saving his money (see Katherine Heigl again).

One thought on “Matthew Morrison Badmouths Glee? — Ungrateful?”

  1. He hasn’t even been a bad romcom, and he already wants out?  Oh he could focus on his record career…. wait that albumn sucked too. 

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