Lindsay Lohan on ‘The Today Show’: Tells Matt Lauer She’s Sober — Telling the Truth?

I know Lindsay Lohan is desperate to revive her career. But she only gets so many shots at telling the public she’s “back on track,” and she therefore needs to be careful about irreparably destroying her credibility. The public is willing to forgive (see Robert Downey Jr.) if they believe you’ve recovered. And though I’d love to believe she’s clean and sober, she’s too close to her recovery to make such absolute claims as, “I will not let anyone down.” I realize she has to convince insurance companies to insure her in television in films, but it’s just too soon. And finally, she has to die her hair red to be taken seriously. I know it sounds superficial to proclaim that hair color has anything to do with public perception, but every time she’s gone blond she’s gotten into trouble. Watch below.

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