Kenneth Branaugh Hated Christian Hemsworth’s ‘Thor’ Muscles

I must confess that nothing disgusts me more on a man than chizzled muscles. While I don’t want to date a Pillsbury Doughboy, I also don’t want a man with bigger boobs than myself, which often happens with body-builders. So when Kenneth Branaugh expressed his objection to Christian Hemsworth’s excessive body-building for Thor, I had no choice but to post it. Read below:

His costume required a very sculpted shape and at one point he just started getting wider. He was like as wide as Los Angeles at one point and had absolutely no neck left. He had to eat like every three minutes. It seemed like every time I turned around someone was bringing him pasta or a basket of chicken. We ended up getting him back to being a lean, mean fighting machine, and so he was ultimately not too big. He was Thor the God and not Thor the bodybuilder.