Today’s Question: Where Did All the Tweenie Idols Go?

Since Hilary Duff stopped making her cutesy movies, there has a been a giant void in tweenie land.  Miley Cyrus made a feeble attempt to fill the void, by parlaying the successful Hannah Montana television show into films.  But Hannah Montana was the beginning and end of her tweenie films.  She never came close to duplicating Duff’s resume, with Raise Your Voice; A Perfect Man; and A Cinderella Story as just a few examples of Duff’s work.  Plus, she started wearing leotards and dancing around like a slut — which is another thing Duff never did.  Zac Efron also entered tweenie territory with the very enjoyable, underrated film, 17 Again, but he quickly changed pace with Charlie St. Cloud, to avoid being type cast in one particular role.  Only time will tell if that was a smart decision.  Hilary Duff never quite transitioned into more grown-up roles, after she outgrew her young fan base.  So perhaps Efron took that as an example.  But I still want a new tweenie-bopper to make the films I love to see.  And in case you are wondering, I am an adult — which might make this post slightly creepy.