Lea Michele Poses for Cosmo in Revealing Shirt — These Glee Kids Don’t Get It

Alright. I’m going to take a moment to explain to the stars of Glee why it is inappropriate to pose on the covers of sex-based magazines in shirts with plunging necklines.  My problem is not that I’m prude (even though I am).  The issue is that Glee is meant to appeal to kids, and the actors need to uphold the brand.  I’d make the same argument if the star of a popular Kids comedy appeared as a guest star in Dexter.  It hurts the brand.  Sure, actors are real people with a career to maintain.  They want life after Glee, and they are starting the transition process early.  But it doesn’t matter.  While getting paid your hefty episodic fee, keep your clothes on, and think twice before you make appearances that contradict the character you portray on television.