Lee Dewyze Wins American Idol – I’m a Genius

It’s not often that I toot my own horn, but when I can do it without reservation, it makes me very happy.  Lee Dewyze won American Idol tonight, and I can safety say that I called it.  I’d like to direct you to my post that was published on March 16, 2010, where I stated that he was my favorite to win (at a time when the judges had yet to realize he was a frontrunner).  Click the link below to see the evidence of my Cowell-like ability.  And watch the video if you’d like to see a very grateful Lee Dewyze win the show.

The Dishmaster is a Genius

leewin finale @ Yahoo! Video

Crystal Bowersox Feels "Betrayed" by Ryan Seacrest

According to former contestant Katelyn Epperly, Bowersox feels “betrayed” by Seacrest.  It appears that he leaked their private conversation to the press to make himself look good.  Bowersox apparently wanted to leave ‘American Idol,’ because she missed her son so much, and Seacrest felt the need to expose (to TMZ) how he swooped in and saved the day.