Amy Purdy & Derek Hough’s Awe-Inspiring Tango — TAKE A LOOK

If there was ever any doubt about Derek Hough’s domination of Dancing With the Stars, watch his powerful performance of the Argentine Tango. Hough’s captivating choreography was shockingly created during Purdy’s back injury, forcing Purdy to watch as Hough executed the moves with another partner during practice. She therefore had an extremely short period of time to prepare for Monday’s show. If you watch the video below carefully, you’ll notice that Hough designed each move around Purdy’s injury to put less pressure on her back as they performed. He’s an artist.

Amy Purdy & Derek – Argentine Tango – DWTS 18… by IdolxMuzic

Amy Purdy Reveals Relationship Issues in Rumba — WATCH NOW

It doesn’t take a relationship guru to know that if your romance is strained, it’s probably not a good idea to publicly expose its flaws. When Amy Purdy and Derek Hough danced the Rumba on last night’s show, Purdy revealed that it’s difficult to do a “dance of love” when her own long-term relationship is failing. Apparently she can’t meet her partner’s needs and her busy schedule bothers her boyfriend. In fact, these issues have actually been brewing for 1.5 years, which is especially shocking considering her non-marital status. After all, shouldn’t you wait until marriage to be miserable? Watch the video package below, and take special note of how NOT to behave in your relationship, on facebook, and any other public forum. That poor guy.

Dancing With the Stars — Macy’s Stars of Dance Performance

Dancing With the Stars has upped the ante this year, with professional performances from their seasoned elite, along with modern music choices and more talented stars. While the jury is still out on the bid to regain their ratings, they’ve certainly given it their A-Game. Watch my personal favorite, Derek Hough, perform with a group of very talented dancers for a featured routine.

[HD] Macys Stars Of Dance – DWTS 18 (Party… by IdolxMuzic

Tony Dovolani and Nene Leakes Fight Over the Foxtrot — WATCH NOW

Last night’s Dancing With the Stars gave viewers a behind-the-scenes peak at all the backstage drama surrounding the show. For starters, Nene Leakes danced with Derek Hough last week, much to the dismay of Tony Dovolani, who didn’t want to hear the inside scoop about Derek’s superior choreography. If you know the show, then you know Derek Hough is the true star, with choreography and moves that far exceed his fellow dancers. And while Tony is certainly talented, it’s just not a fair fight. Watch the drama below.

Derek Hough and Amy Purdy Dance Contemporary — WATCH NOW

There’s a reason the Dancing With the Stars producers chose Derek Hough to dance with Amy Purdy, and it’s because he’s the best. Derek designed a routine perfectly suited for Purdy, with an increased level of difficulty that only Derek could balance. Watch the delicate dance below.

Meryl & Maks on DWTS — Beautiful Foxtrot

Here’s hoping the Chmerkovskiy brothers contend for the title on this season of Dancing With the Stars. Maksim and Meryl Davis executed an exquisite foxtrot, with a dreamy faux kiss for the ladies at home to look at. Watch below.

Dancing With the Stars — Danica McKellar Kills It

Winnie Cooper could win this thing! Danica McKellar danced a beautiful contemporary routine with Val Chmerkovskiy, and their chemistry was palpable. Watch America’s first crush kill it below.

Tony Dovolani v. Carrie Ann Inaba: DWTS Round 1,225

There are a select few professional dancers on Dancing With the Stars who make their contempt for the judging panel quite clear. One such dancer is Tony Dovolani, who has had a multi-season feud with Carrie Ann Inaba. On last night’s show, Carrie Ann critiqued Nene Leakes’ clipped arms, and Tony replied by reminding her that Jive demands it. It’s often been pointed out that Carrie Ann was never a professional ballroom dancer and therefore has no place to critique, but if you watch the video below, you’ll see she’s right. While it might be true that the Jive demands a certain type of style, Nene was exceptionally clipped, and her movements therefore suffered. As for whether it’s professional to talk back to the panel, that’s for you to judge.

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