Taylor Armstrong & Dana Wilkey Hosted a Crisis Center Fundraiser

I had the pleasure last night of putting on my “real reporter” hat to attend Taylor Armstrong & Dana Wilkey’s fundraiser to support the 1736 Family Crisis Center. Aside from the obvious points about their philanthropy, I’d like to take this moment to point out how good these Real Housewives look in person. I realize that’s a superficial take on an important evening, but The Dishmaster is admittedly superficial — and I simply couldn’t help myself. Seriously though — it was a great night with some very kind ladies. Armstrong gave a brief speech at the event, joking that the tabloids have done a good job of explaining why she’s involved. Because I’m music-obsessed, my favorite part of the evening came from X Factor finalist Drew Ryniewicz, who sang two original songs. I officially understand why Simon Cowell took such a liking to her. She’s got the kind of potential that will flourish with the right team behind her. I’ve posted one of her X Factor performances below.