Taylor Swift Releases Another Subpar Song

Taylor Swift has reached that sweet spot in her career where she can pretty much do no wrong with her fans, as evidenced by the unconditionally positive response to her newly released single, “You Need to Calm Down.” It certainly helps that it’s an anthem against anti-gay bullies. While I support GLAAD, I don’t support the song. Why? Because it simply isn’t good. The melody is nearly as terrible as “ME!.” I realize the irony in expressing distaste for a song that’s all about being kind in the form of “calming down.” Just know that I’m perfectly calm. Also know that the song is subpar. As an aside, it seems as if Swift has made a conscious choice to veer away from singing about her personal life. Since her entire career was based on publicizing her personal life, I imagine it’s going to take some time to find other inspiration besides social media trolls and celebrity “snakes.”