Iris Apfel Promotes “Iris” Documentary at LACMA

Iris Apfel’s aesthetic eye and tireless energy is enviable and inspirational. Her starring role in a new documentary, ‘Iris,’ directed by the late Albert Maysles (‘Grey Gardens’, ‘Gimme Shelter’) is a hypnotic journey through her creative, improvisational process. The movie represents Iris in-the-now, rather than looking into much of her life story. As a result, the audience is gifted with an awe-inducing looking glass, and we feel as though Iris is our friend. In an after-the-show Q&A at LACMA, Iris confirmed her energetic spirit and keen eye, with a wow-worthy, vintage dress and entertaining one-liners, such as, “I’m not a feminist, I’m a person,” and “You’ll never get the Jackie O. story (in reference to her husband’s near-slip about the White House icon).” Watch the trailer below.