HBO’s ‘The Sentence’ — A Gripping, Powerful Documentary

HBO Documentary, The Sentence ‘The Sentence,’ a new documentary by Rudy Valdez airing today on HBO, is one of the most powerful pieces of filmmaking I’ve seen in years. The documentary focuses on Cindy Shank, a woman who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Though the cocaine belonged to her boyfriend at the time, she broke the law by not reporting it. Her boyfriend was later murdered.

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Iris Apfel Promotes “Iris” Documentary at LACMA

Iris Apfel’s aesthetic eye and tireless energy is enviable and inspirational. Her starring role in a new documentary, ‘Iris,’ directed by the late Albert Maysles (‘Grey Gardens’, ‘Gimme Shelter’) is a hypnotic journey through her creative, improvisational process. The movie represents Iris in-the-now, rather than looking into much of her life story. As a result, the audience is gifted with an awe-inducing looking glass, and we feel as though Iris is our friend. In an after-the-show Q&A at LACMA, Iris confirmed her energetic spirit and keen eye, with a wow-worthy, vintage dress and entertaining one-liners, such as, “I’m not a feminist, I’m a person,” and “You’ll never get the Jackie O. story (in reference to her husband’s near-slip about the White House icon).” Watch the trailer below.

Music Spotlight: Josh Garrels

Even a Jew can appreciate a little Christian music from time to time. Born in Indiana, Josh Garrels’ folk sound is haunting, and he’s released six albums since his 2002 debut. The song below, entitled “Slip Away,” is off the soundtrack for his ‘The Sea In Between’ documentary, which filmed Garrels on the remote Mayne Island, BC, performing songs against a beautiful backdrop. Watch below.