Britney Spears Harper’s Bazaar — Airbrushed Beyond Recognition?

I’m not against airbrushing an imperfection here and there, but when you airbrush someone’s entire face beyond recognition, I draw the line. There’s a girl on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar this month, and I can’t figure out if it’s Heather Morris or Britney Spears. Her face is so insanely airbrushed, which is confusing considering how pretty Britney Spears is without all that crap. Can this garbage please end? What happened to the days when photographers were responsible for actually taking a decent picture, and couldn’t rely on this post-photo machinery? Isn’t it cheating?

Glee’s Heather Morris Shows Off Hot Dance Moves for Esquire Magazine

If you watch Glee, then you know about Heather Morris. She was hired by Ryan Murphy to teach the cast the choreography for Beyonce’s Single Ladies video, and Murphy was so impressed by her, he hired her as a series regular for the show. If you watch closely during Glee’s dance routines, you’ll notice how Heather Morris outshines the rest of the cast, which was certainly most clear during the Britney tribute week. In the video below, Heather Morris rocks out to some different songs, and her body is hypnotizing. I realize the hypocrisy of this post, given that I often insult the Glee kids for inappropriately sexualizing their images. I’ve made an exception for Heather Morris though. When you’re that good, general rules don’t apply.