Ardie Fuqua’s Daughter Begs TMZ to Remove Video of Injured Father

ardie_daughterThe daughter of critically injured comedian Ardie Fuqua has launched an appeal to TMZ on Instagram, begging the “news” outlet to remove a graphic video of her father that shows him being pulled from the wreckage that also critically injured Tracy Morgan and took the life of James McNair. Louis C.K. joined the movement, tweeting TMZ with the same request. The photo below shows the appeal, and the photo above came with a very moving caption from Ardie,  saying, “Me and my 19 year old daughter Krizya at Carolines. I’m a performer, I do my job well, but nothing beats the feeling of looking into a room of 400 people and seeing your child smiling. I may not have much money, but I feel like a millionaire when I see that.” May he get well soon, and may TMZ rot in hell.