Bill Maher and Jane Lynch Perform Anthony Weiner-Isms

Bill Maher and Jane Lynch performed a dramatic reading of Anthony Weiner’s facebook sex chat, and it certainly put things in perspective. First, I love Jane Lynch. Second, Anthony Weiner clearly has no idea how to turn a woman on. And lastly, the Weiner issue is about as serious as Jane Lynch and Bill Maher portray it below. After the performance, Jane Lynch joined the panel to discuss whether Weiner should resign. Shockingly, Joshua Green and Sharon Waxman think the Weiner issue is worthy of resignation. Why? Because of the distraction, of course. When Janeane Garofalo wisely said the media (not Anthony Weiner) is responsible for the distraction from real issues, Green and Waxman brushed her off. Here’s my question: do Republicans have sex? Watch below for a laugh.
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