The Trailer for Jennifer Aniston’s Movie ‘The Switch’ is out

Does Jennifer Aniston ever stop working? The trailer for ‘The Switch’ it out, and I think it looks pretty funny. You might recall that the film was originally called ‘The Baster,’ but it was changed because someone realized that that is a pretty gross title. The film is about a woman that gets artificially inseminated and the sperm she uses is switched by her friend, so the child’s father is actually not who she thinks it is. Watch the trailer below.

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler Love to Keep us Guessing

These two are at it again.  Here’s a brief recap: Jennifer Aniston is pissed that the media is accusing her of faking a relationship with Gerard Butler to promote ‘The Bounty Hunter.’  She’s hates the accusation, but she and Butler still enjoy plenty of friendly pawing.  See the snuggle fest below. 

Jennifer Aniston Accused of Having a Fake Relationship With Gerard Butler to Promote ‘The Bounty Hunter’

Jennifer Aniston usually gets angry over reports that she is dating her costar.  Now, she is angry over reports that she is faking a romance with her costar to promote a movie.  For some reason no one actually believes that Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are dating.  Instead, they think she is flirting with him in public to create speculation of a relationship.  It’s all so confusing.  Aniston responded to the criticism by saying, “You know there’s all this stuff about calculating… that me and Gerry are in this fake relationship for the press of our movie or the selling of it. It’s just so insulting at the same time, but again it’s the story… I’m getting to a better place in understanding that they’re just making money.”  See the pictures of them below at the premiere of ‘The Bounty Hunter.’  It certainly begs the question – is she this affectionate with all her friends?  I don’t see her hanging all over Courtney Cox in photos.  I do think she brought this a bit on herself. 

Heidi Montag Scores Role in Adam Sandler Movie

Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder, Heidi Montag announced that she will be in the new Adam Sandler movie, ‘Just Go With It.’  Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker, and Kevin Nealon, will also be in it, and it will be released next February.  The film is about a plastic surgeon that tells his girlfriend that he is married with children to avoid committing to her.  He then asks a women to pretend to be his wife in order to keep the lie afloat.  Huh??