Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation — WATCH New Trailer

  Tom Cruise returns with his thrill-seeking franchise, in a more ageless, ambitious, impossible mission than ever before. When photos hit the internet with Cruise dangling from beside a plane, it became immediately clear that our last great action star will literally go above-and-beyond his previous missions to impress his loyal audience. Watch the new trailer for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol — New Trailer — Tom Cruise is Hot

It’s okay to love Tom Cruise. Sure he’s a little nuts, but so are all actors. And if you judge him for his Scientology beliefs, then don’t you also have to judge every other actor with a religious affiliation that thinks there’s an imaginary, bearded man in the sky waiting at heaven’s gate? Plus, he’s still super hot, and here at The Dishmaster, looks are most important. So watch the trailer below for ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol‘ and start to get excited about the best action-movie franchise in recent history.


Meryl Streep is ‘The Iron Lady’ — New Trailer

I know Meryl Streep is a genius, but she still consistently exceeds my expectations. Is that even possible? She’s brilliant, and the trailer for ‘The Iron Lady,’ is no exception. When I first heard about the Margaret Thatcher biopic, I thought, “another one of these?” Then I heard that Meryl Streep was attached and I thought, “now that’s a film I want to see.” I’m told Streep has worked with the same costume designer for years, and for ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ it was Streep’s idea to lose weight for the character. In fact, when the ladies of ‘The View’ asked Streep if the producers suggested she lose weight for the role, Streep said, “they wouldn’t dare!.” Watch the trailer below.

Celebrity Look Alikes: Colin Egglesfield and Tom Cruise

I just saw the trailer for Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin’s new film, Something Borrowed, and the leading man looks so much like Tom Cruise I actually found it distracting.  I realize I’m terrible with the look alike game, but watch below and tell me if you agree.

Justin Long and Drew Barrymore’s New Movie: ‘Going the Distance’

Have they even confirmed that they are in a relationship yet?  Anyways, real life lovebirds Drew Barrymore and Justin Long star in a new movie about long distance relationships and the trailer looks . . . eh.  My experience with romantic comedies though, is that bad trailer = good movie and good trailer = bad movie.  Got it?  Watch the trailer below and start making predictions.

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&amp;from=sp&amp;fg=MsnEntertainment_MoviesTrailersGP2_a&amp;vid=d60f3cf8-2176-4b2b-b797-de1384117257" target="_new" title="Exclusive: &#039;Going the Distance&#039; Trailer" class="broken_link" rel="nofollow">Video: Exclusive: &#8216;Going the Distance&#8217; Trailer</a>

‘Salt’ Trailer Released

Below you’ll see the trailer for ‘Salt.’  Since it’s not really clear from the trailer what the film is actually about, I’ll give you a brief synopsis.  Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, on the run in an attempt to clear her name, after being accused of being a KGB sleeper agent.  Tom Cruise was originally supposed to play the lead role of Edwin Salt, but the film was rewritten for Jolie after he dropped out, and the main character’s name was changed to Evelyn.  Jolie was suggested for the lead, as an idea to create a female spy franchise.  The trailer seems to trespass greatly on Jason Bourne ground, but I will withhold my judgment until I see the film.  Besides, I’m all for female action stars!