Celebrity Look Alikes: Colin Egglesfield and Tom Cruise

I just saw the trailer for Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin’s new film, Something Borrowed, and the leading man looks so much like Tom Cruise I actually found it distracting.  I realize I’m terrible with the look alike game, but watch below and tell me if you agree.

27 thoughts on “Celebrity Look Alikes: Colin Egglesfield and Tom Cruise”

  1. It’s the first thing I thought when I saw the trailer at the movies too. This is a young Tom Cruise.

    1. Thank you for saying that! There’s a certain member of my family (who will
      go unnamed) who consistently makes fun of my celebrity-look-alike
      abilities. I will send him your comment!! 🙂

  2. I agree when I saw this in the movie theater I leaned over and said man To Cruise looks hot and so young. Then I saw the name next to him and I was like oh.

  3. not only does he looks like tom cruise but he has similar mannerisms it is distracting! but then again tom cruise did alright for himself… maybe it can work for colin too!

  4. Watching the trailer for Something Borrowed and trying to figure out if it “was” Tom Cruise. A younger Tom of course.

  5. I completely agree. His mannerisms, voice, even the pink shirt and crew-cut hair on the beach scene looks like Tom from Top Gun. I feel the same way about the new Thor. He looks and acts and sound so much like Brad Pitt, that is all I can think about during each film. Is Hollywood afraid we only prefer these two actors as our leading me so they clone them in case one is busy doing another film.

    1. Hah! I think there’s a certain type of face that looks good on screen,
      so you’ll often see actors looking similar. For an action hero like
      Thor, you need a really big head with chizzled features.

  6.  He does . i was in the theaters like is that TOM CRUISE , i legit googled it right there and then

  7. I totally agree!!! I just saw the movie last night and I stared at him during the whole movie. I mean, the way he smiles, and many other things are similar. He’s just missing the nose, haha.

  8. What’s genuine for me:
    1.30 yr old Harrison Ford and Eric Bana.
    2. 40 yr old Robert Redford and Brad Pitt.
    3. 30 yr old Christopher Reeves and Brandon Routh (of course..everyone knows this).
    4. Justin Chatwin and Elijah Wood.

  9. I think that they looked alike also, I told my husband the other night when we rented something borrowed that he & tom cruise looked like brothers, even my husband agreed!

  10. just saw the movie, Something Borrowed and i kept saying that him and Tom Cruise had to be bothers. They acted so much alike and they even look so much alike. 

  11. I just googled “the guy from Something Borrowed looks like Tom Cruise” … lol!!  Apparently I am not the only one that thinks so.  LOL!!

  12. I just saw the film and thought the whole time, I know him from somewhere. But when I looked for the cast, his I thought I never heard his name before.
    Half an our after the film I suddenly realized, was it Tom Cruise in the movie ? LoL

  13. I thought all durring the movie he looked like a younger Christopher Reeves, even googled to see if it was his son(they change names sometimes), but seeing the other post, he does look like Tom Cruise also. Either way he is nice on the eyes LOL.

  14. I thought the same thing when I saw the movie. I would like to see them both in a the same movie. That was be cool.

  15. They look alike because he is a CLONE LITERALLY from Tom Cruise. They have been doing this for years with so many celebrities. LOOK IT UP!

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