Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation — Best Film of the Franchise

tomcruise mission impossibleWith each Mission Impossible film, the writers dominate the delicate dance of changing times, audience expectations, and Tom Cruise’s unstoppable capabilities as Hollywood’s leading man. For the fifth film in the franchise, Cruise not only came to play, he came to prove something.

Mission: ImpossibleRogue Nation delivers a daring, edge-of-your-seat experience with planes, water, motorcycles, and more. And this time around there’s a fearless woman on board that puts Black Widow to shame (and steals some of her moves). That women is Rebecca Ferguson, and it’s refreshing to see Cruise in need of an assist, especially when that assist is beautifully choreographed in a kick-ass fashion. She doesn’t need a man to come to the rescue — because she does the rescuing.

The film opens with a sense of humor and a now famous scene with Cruise dangling outside of a plane during takeoff (yes, that happened). Cruise’s mission is to take down The Syndicate, a network of special agents engaging in terrorist attacks. Unfortunately for him and his cohorts, the IMF has been disbanded, courtesy of some very hilarious dialogue from Alec Baldwin, which means if they’re going to fight this rogue nation, they have to do it without the support of the United States. They join forces with a disavowed British Agent who may or may not be their enemy, and she keeps the audience guessing from start to finish.

What sets this installment apart from the former films in the franchise is the ease at which it’s executed. The stunts are jaw-dropping, but when injected with a sense of humor, they work in a non-cartoonish way. The characters must take a moment to laugh at themselves, or we will laugh at them, and in this case, the former takes hold. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Tom Cruise attempt to hold his breath for three minutes flat? It’s also worth noting that this movie is both bold AND elegant, with careful choreography unlike any I’ve seen before, and a stunning scene at the opera where brute force is balanced by a beautiful solo. This film is not just a movie, it’s a cinematic experience.




Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation — WATCH New Trailer

  Tom Cruise returns with his thrill-seeking franchise, in a more ageless, ambitious, impossible mission than ever before. When photos hit the internet with Cruise dangling from beside a plane, it became immediately clear that our last great action star will literally go above-and-beyond his previous missions to impress his loyal audience. Watch the new trailer for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer: Is This Tom Cruise’s Last Mission?

With Tom Cruise’s startling stunts and solidified action-star status, it’s easy to forget that he’s one of our best actors, but who cares? The guy is a force, and his Mission Impossible franchise is an unforgettable achievement. Here’s hoping this isn’t his last installment. Advance tickets for Rogue Nation are available Thursday, July 30th and the film opens nationwide on July 31st. Watch the trailer below.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol — New Trailer — Tom Cruise is Hot

It’s okay to love Tom Cruise. Sure he’s a little nuts, but so are all actors. And if you judge him for his Scientology beliefs, then don’t you also have to judge every other actor with a religious affiliation that thinks there’s an imaginary, bearded man in the sky waiting at heaven’s gate? Plus, he’s still super hot, and here at The Dishmaster, looks are most important. So watch the trailer below for ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol‘ and start to get excited about the best action-movie franchise in recent history.


Movie Review — The Adjustment Bureau

I refuse to spend an entire movie wondering what’s motivating the characters’ behavior. In Adjustment Bureau, there’s a team of people with fashionable hats and trench coats trying to keep Matt Damon from the girl he loves (Emily Blunt), and for what feels like an eternity — we don’t know why. When he asks, he’s only told that his wishes “deviate from the plan.” So what is this “plan,” and who are these guys, and why do they care who Matt Damon sleeps with — or loves for that matter? This is the part of the review where I usually tell my reader to watch the movie for fear of spoiling it, but I’m afraid the movie provides little answers. The script is basically a poor man’s play on free will, only it makes zero sense because it’s not your “plan” if everyone is deliberately putting obstacles in your way. To clarify, allow me to use a specific example. If it’s my destiny to be a stripper, and every time I’m about to enter the stage to perform I’m met with five guys who block the stage, does it really make sense to justify that behavior with “it’s not part of the plan?” It’s is my plan to be a stripper, but you clowns with stupid hats ruined it!! If my analogy didn’t make sense, I’d encourage you to avoid the film, because their explanation is far worse than my example. In addition to the terrible writing, the movie is filled with extremely boring chase sequences, which involve Matt Damon tracking down Emily Blunt while simultaneously trying to avoid a lobotomy (no, I’m not kidding). I’d first like to note that if I personally had to choose between love and a lobotomy — I’d keep my brain in tact. But that’s just me. Second — if you’re going to write a terrible film, can you at least provide me with some special effects? This is a big budget movie, so at least throw in some Mission Impossible gadgetry to keep my attention. OVERALL RATING: DISHSATISFIED