Russell Brand Won’t Get Pre-Nup — Hollywood Divorces Taught Him Nothing

Russell Brand revealed that he won’t be getting a pre-nuptial agreement for his upcoming marriage to Katy Perry, because he’s “trying to preserve and make it a beautiful thing.” Call me a cynic but just about everything is beautiful until things go sour, and half your fortune is gone. Perhaps Brand can learn a thing or two from Hollywood marriages gone wrong. My favorite fortune-squandering story involves Sam Simon, one of the three original creators of The Simpsons. Simon was married to Jennifer Tilly for seven years, and they officially divorced just two years after The Simpsons aired, which means that Tilly gets half of Sam Simon’s royalties for the rest of her life. When asked by Howard Stern whether it drives him nuts that she gets half, Simon simply said, “it is what it is, and there is nothing I can do about it.” Simon is less guilty than Russell Brand though, who already has his fortune going into his marriage with Katy Perry. Translation? Brand should know better.