Reese Witherspoon Addresses Drunken Tirade — WATCH NOW

I paid close attention to Reese Witherspoon’s mea culpa, and my forgiveness is on the fence. She’s in a tough position. If she blames her bad behavior on being wasted, then it’s less understandable that she and her husband felt fine to drive. So she’s either wasted and not a bitch, or she was sober enough to feel fine to drive, and acted like a bitch because that’s her true personality. Since this is her first slip-up though, I’m guessing she wont’ be in the dog house for long.

Reese Witherspoon & Husband Arrested — The End of an Era

Reese WitherspoonWell, folks, it’s the end of a squeaky clean era for the untouchable actress, who has managed to fly through most media storms unscathed. According to multiple sources, Witherspoon’s husband was arrested on suspicion of a DUI after allegedly driving in the wrong lane, and Witherspoon allegedly ignored cops’ instructions to stay inside her vehicle which subsequently led to arrest for disorderly conduct.  When I first read this headline I assumed this was paparazzi driven, given my hatred for DUIs and my love for the actress. This sure is disappointing.