Charlie Sheen Has Gold Teeth — Porn Star Wasn’t Lying

Charlie Sheen’s porn star, Kacey Jordan, appeared on Howard Stern to discuss her Sheen sexcapades, and she told Stern that Sheen had a “full mouth of gold teeth.”  Because I was born into a family of dentists, you can imagine my horror.  Of all the things I’ve learned about Sheen and his bad behavior, the gold teeth revelation pushed me over the edge.  Who cares about cocaine, right? — as long as you look good while snorting it.  That’s a joke, kids — obviously drugs are bad.  But so are gold teeth.  Because Stern and I are kindred spirits, he too was immediately shocked to learn about this, and he spent about ten minutes asking her related questions.  A part of me thought she must be lying.  Then I saw the picture below.  Click the link to view for yourself.