Howard Stern on Kathie Lee Gifford’s Song: “She’s The World’s Dumbest Person”

Every so often Howard Stern picks on Kathie Lee Gifford, and it’s always radio magic.  Here’s his current rant in a nutshell: Kathie Lee graciously took the time on The Today Show to acknowledge the “good deed” of a popular kid in high school who sat at an unpopular kid’s lunch table.  Apparently, the unpopular kid is autistic, and Kathie Lee wrote a song on his behalf about being lonely and having no friends.  Howard Stern jumped all over this debacle, calling Kathie Lee’s song “God Awful,” and saying it’s akin to “child abuse.”  The kid even cried during the performance, which Kathie Lee attributed to her song’s moving quality, and Howard Stern attributed to calling this kid a loser on national television.  Have I mentioned that I love Howard Stern?  I would highly encourage you to listen to his rant below.  I’d bet my two dollar bank account that you will laugh hysterically.

Morning Glory Movie Review — It’s Glorious!!

Rachel McAdams is so likable in this film, I found myself wondering what Starbucks she frequents so that I can stalk her into a conversation.  Creepy?  The movie follows Becky (McAdams) after she gets fired from her job when her company downsizes.  She then gets hired at DayBreak as an Executive Producer, where she’s responsible for revamping the show to save it from cancellation.  She’s in need of a co-host, and she solicits Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford), a hard-news legend who was recently fired from his gig.  Pomeroy protests, but Becky contractually forces him into it.  Ford’s sour attitude makes everyone miserable, including his co-host, played by Diane Keaton.  The banter between Colleen and Pomeroy is so hilarious, I’m secretly curious if their angry exchanges are loosely based on Today’s Kathy Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb, who many speculate hate each other when the cameras are off.  I’m excited to see Ford in this role, because he’s had some trouble transitioning from his action star status.  The mans a great actor, and he doesn’t need to save the world from destruction in every movie.  I would also like to give the writer (Aline Brosh McKenna) major props for the ending.  I won’t give it away, but let’s just say you won’t see a character running to the airport to keep someone from leaving forever.  Contrary to every other movie on the planet, this ending was a unique spin on a traditional plot point.  Go see it. You’ll love it.