Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan Visit ‘The Today Show’ — Watch Now

Much like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson who were prematurely thrust into the spotlight before adjusting to the industry’s demands, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan seem stunned by their new-found stardom. The twosome visited The Today Show for a giggly, awkward interview which made me wonder whether they actually watched their own film. Watch them stumble through questions below, and check out the hot-and-heavy Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer when you’re finished.

Howard Stern on Kathie Lee Gifford’s Song: “She’s The World’s Dumbest Person”

Every so often Howard Stern picks on Kathie Lee Gifford, and it’s always radio magic.  Here’s his current rant in a nutshell: Kathie Lee graciously took the time on The Today Show to acknowledge the “good deed” of a popular kid in high school who sat at an unpopular kid’s lunch table.  Apparently, the unpopular kid is autistic, and Kathie Lee wrote a song on his behalf about being lonely and having no friends.  Howard Stern jumped all over this debacle, calling Kathie Lee’s song “God Awful,” and saying it’s akin to “child abuse.”  The kid even cried during the performance, which Kathie Lee attributed to her song’s moving quality, and Howard Stern attributed to calling this kid a loser on national television.  Have I mentioned that I love Howard Stern?  I would highly encourage you to listen to his rant below.  I’d bet my two dollar bank account that you will laugh hysterically.

Joel McHale is Very Funny — Gives it to Hoda and Kathy Lee

When I wrote “gives it to” Hoda and Kathy Lee, please note that I’m talking about Joel’s interview on The Today Show, and not a disturbing threesome.  While promoting his show, Community, Kathy Lee and Hoda confronted Joel about why he relentlessly pokes fun at them on The Soup.  Joel’s response? — “Have you seen your show?”     He also took a jab at the girls for not discussing Community, which he was actually there to promote.  Watch below.