Joel McHale is Very Funny — Gives it to Hoda and Kathy Lee

When I wrote “gives it to” Hoda and Kathy Lee, please note that I’m talking about Joel’s interview on The Today Show, and not a disturbing threesome.  While promoting his show, Community, Kathy Lee and Hoda confronted Joel about why he relentlessly pokes fun at them on The Soup.  Joel’s response? — “Have you seen your show?”     He also took a jab at the girls for not discussing Community, which he was actually there to promote.  Watch below.

One thought on “Joel McHale is Very Funny — Gives it to Hoda and Kathy Lee”

  1. Love it! Joel McHale is hilarious on The Soup, and Community is a great new show. Kathie Lee and Hoda take themselves a little too seriously, I think: were they really surprised that they’re regulars on The Soup? PS: Apparently Hoda is only 4 years older than me–no way! She looks at least 50. Not good…

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