Joel McHale Spoofs Taylor Swift — HILARIOUS

I’m constantly defending my love for Taylor Swift, and I’m constantly told by my musician friends that I’m ridiculous. But it’s not until I came across Joel McHales very funny spoof of the singer that I finally understood the criticism. There’s no need to explain further — just watch the brilliance below.
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Casey Abrams Butchers Nirvana Song on ‘Idol’ — Kurt Cobain is Crying

Because I’ve stopped watching American Idol this season, it only makes sense that I’d come across Casey Abrams’ performance of Smells Like Teen Spirit via the brilliant Joel McHale, who tore it apart on The Soup. I’ve been told by a close friend that my blog has become “too negative” and all I can say is that someone has to point this out, and I’m the fortunate volunteer.  To be fair, most of the performances on that night were pretty terrible, because the theme was “the year you were born,” which has always proven to be a disaster for the Idol contestants.  When I first saw the video below, I had to see what the judges said, and it’s official — they are completely crazy.  They actually liked the performance.  Bring back Simon Cowell.


Joel McHale is Very Funny — Gives it to Hoda and Kathy Lee

When I wrote “gives it to” Hoda and Kathy Lee, please note that I’m talking about Joel’s interview on The Today Show, and not a disturbing threesome.  While promoting his show, Community, Kathy Lee and Hoda confronted Joel about why he relentlessly pokes fun at them on The Soup.  Joel’s response? — “Have you seen your show?”     He also took a jab at the girls for not discussing Community, which he was actually there to promote.  Watch below.