Casey Abrams Butchers Nirvana Song on ‘Idol’ — Kurt Cobain is Crying

Because I’ve stopped watching American Idol this season, it only makes sense that I’d come across Casey Abrams’ performance of Smells Like Teen Spirit via the brilliant Joel McHale, who tore it apart on The Soup. I’ve been told by a close friend that my blog has become “too negative” and all I can say is that someone has to point this out, and I’m the fortunate volunteer.  To be fair, most of the performances on that night were pretty terrible, because the theme was “the year you were born,” which has always proven to be a disaster for the Idol contestants.  When I first saw the video below, I had to see what the judges said, and it’s official — they are completely crazy.  They actually liked the performance.  Bring back Simon Cowell.


5 thoughts on “Casey Abrams Butchers Nirvana Song on ‘Idol’ — Kurt Cobain is Crying”

  1. Love Your blog but gotta disagree on this one. As the judges said, Casey took a big risk by doing this song. But he did it anyway because it’s what he wanted to do. He has a point of view. He’s passionate about his art. That comes through clearly. He did the song his way, and I think he did it damn well. I agree with you that the judges are crazy, way too nice, and ridiculous in the finals so far! Love u!

  2. Noone can sing like Kurt Cobain. I also dislike this performance on American was the worst way to honour the memory of Kurt.On 5th April 17 years ago he died, all his fans were shoked and still miss him very much. Recently I downloaded the movie about his life and death from Hope to remember him and what made him eager to commit suiside and leave a small daughter and wife alone!

      1. I’m not spammer! I just want to share what I’m going to do these days when the whole world will honour the memory of Kurt!

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