Kanye West Rants to Ryan Seacrest — He Still Doesn’t Get It

Kanye WestAt some point in our lives, we’ve all had moments in time when we’re free of the world’s restraints. Then suddenly, after skipping through the clouds impervious to criticism, we put on our jeans and realize they no longer fit. Soon enough — Kanye West’s jeans will no longer fit, and he’ll be too bloated to recover. Sure he can get away with his prophetic proclamations and narcissistic rants now, but before he knows it, the public will flee.

And if you’re curious what inspired my musings, you need only listen to the interview below, in which West once again gives himself unconditional accolades, followed by the canned laughter from the sycophantic Seacrest. The most startling part of the interview is West’s recap of the Taylor Swift incident, and his insistence that his own daughter would have agreed with the idea that Beyonce’s video was superior. It’s absolutely astounding that this guy still doesn’t get it, but I’ll summarize this once again for sport. The issue is not who had the better video. The issue is that you pounced on a young girl’s moment to scream for an arbitrary injustice. And the massive irony is that West himself cannot accept criticism on any level, and yet he felt free to fire it out with ease. Perhaps the reason his creativity is no longer commissioned by high-level designers has more to do with his personality than his abilities. And while that might seem like a grave injustice by the standards of Kanye West, I’ll close with a very annoying yet appropriate statement that my father used to say to me at a young age. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.