People Magazine Skips De Niro’s Age But Happily Reveals His Girlfriend’s

It does not bother me that Robert De Niro chose to bring new life into the world at the age of 80. It also doesn’t bother me that his girlfriend’s age is nearly half of that. It’s a free country, and folks can do whatever they please with their reproductive powers. I am; however, filled with blind rage about the media’s hypocritical treatment of late-in-life fathers versus mothers in the same position. People Magazine is no exception.

In a new article to promote De Niro’s latest film, Killers of the Flower Moon, People Magazine did a cover story on the two-time Oscar winner, and they listed every person’s age except De Niro’s. That includes his girlfriend and all of his children.

People Magazine is a symptom of a larger, sexist problem among the general population and the media at large. When Hilary Swank gave birth in her forties, she was forced to defend her choice after a plethora of online attacks. She’s one of many women in the spotlight who have chosen to have children in their forties, and People Magazine is free to feature them in a cover story about motherhood as a means of reducing the stigma — and they have chosen not to do so. I’ve had enough.

I am guessing there was a negotiation between De Niro’s team and People Magazine to exclude his age from the piece. I’m fine with that. But then don’t include anyone else’s either, especially his girlfriend’s.