Why Didn’t Katie Couric Announce Her CBS Retirement on CBS?

If there’s a public interest in losing your job, you might as well cash in on it, right? When Barbara Walters asked Katie Couric if she was leaving CBS during her appearance on The View, Couric squirmed. At the time, I knew why. She didn’t want to give The View a huge amount of press with nothing in return. Why not make some money on your job loss? Couric chose People Magazine for her big announcement, and I imagine they paid her a pretty penny for the revelation. If there truly wasn’t bad blood between Couric and CBS, she might have gladly given CBS the free publicity.

Sandra Bullock Talks Baby and Divorce to People Magazine – Read Excerpts From The Interview

I have to give props to People magazine for conducting one of the best interviews I’ve ever read.  It’s beautiful, heart breaking, and honest.  You must read it in its entirety, but here are some excerpts.

On filing for divorce
Yes, I have filed for divorce.  I don’t know what else to say.  I’m sad, and I am scared.

On whether she knew Jesse cheated prior to the tabloid story
Ah, the inevitable question.  I had no idea about anything until that day when I got the call. 

On the Nazi photos of Jesse
The photo shocked me and made me sad.  This is not the man I married.  This was stupid, this was ignorant. 

On whether she’ll stay in his children’s lives
I don’t want to know what life is like without those kids. 

On her relationship with Jesse now
It’s one of new understanding.  One of forgiveness.  One of support for his recovery.  One that changed my life.

On whether Jesse will play a role in her child’s life
The father that I’ve known Jesse to be with all the kids is one that I hope Louis can experience one day. 

On the first time she met her son Louis
It was like the whole outside world just got quiet.  He was so small, so still.  All the trivial things that I had allowed to take up so much of my time just didn’t have room in my life anymore.