Alec Baldwin on Kim Basinger Marriage: “We Worked Too Much”

“I want it to be different. When I was younger, I was married to a woman who was very successful . . . . When you’re both in the business, you both know that you’re going to light one film off the other. It’s like chain smoking. You just have to do one after the other. You sense that this isn’t right, you have this daunting, overwhelming, overarching priority that takes you away for long periods at a time . . . . Now I’m with someone who’s not in the business and I would like to have a different life this time, have it be more normal . . . . If you took a stopwatch and a calendar and you mapped out how much time you really got to spend that was private and real, it’s startlingly little. You put a lot of energy into your work . . . . You do the best you can at the time, but a marriage has to be a priority.” Alec Baldwin to Total Film Magazine, on the things he learned from his first marriage to Kim Basinger, and the things he’ll do differently this time around.