Vintage David Letterman — A Very Funny Jim Parsons Interview

I have a couple of confessions to make before writing this post.  First, I tricked you with my title.  Jim Parsons’ Letterman interview was taped in May of this year, which is not exactly “vintage,” but I had to think of a clever title to make up for the fact that I missed this great interview when it originally aired.  To assuage my embarrassment, I’d like to remind you that celebrities often wear dresses on the red carpet that they call “vintage,” which basically just means it wasn’t hand-made with them in mind.  Remember Reese Witherspoon’s “vintage” Chanel dress at the Golden Globes, which was actually worn by Kirsten Dunst the year before?  My second confession is that I don’t watch the Big Bang Theory, despite its incredible success.  But after watching the interview below, I might have to start.  Jim Parsons recently picked up an Emmy for his role on the show, which I’m guessing he seriously deserves.  Watch and enjoy!