Chris Noth on ‘Law & Order’ – “I Did it For the Money”

Chris Noth likes to bite the hand that feeds him.  In a recent interview, Noth said that he regrets returning to ‘Law & Order’ to replace Vincent D’Onofrio because the show is a “death to the creative process [of] an actor.”  So why did he return?  Because they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, of course.  This is not the first time Noth has complained about the show.  He has often said in interviews that because ‘Law & Order’ relies so much on the plot and so little on the characters, there really isn’t much room for acting skills.  Though I love me some Mr. Big, I’d like to point out that if you do something for the money, be grateful that someone is paying you to do anything at all, and keep your mouth shut.  That being said, I hate ‘Law & Order.’