‘The Voice’s’ Dia Frampton — From ‘Meg & Dia’ — Who Knew?

While it’s true that most of the contestants on today’s singing competition shows have had previous experience in the industry, for some reason the news that Dia Frampton had moderate success in the band Meg & Dia — floored me. Her image on ‘The Voice’ is that of a fledgling duck that’s trying to survive against more experienced veterans. She appears shy and has even discussed “stage fright” at certain points. In fact, I feel somewhat duped. To be fair, she discussed her experience with Meg & Dia in a recent interview, saying that she’s struggled for most of her music career and she’s even recorded “in tiny cabins where you can sometimes hear the hum of the dishwasher when the acoustic guitar gets real quiet.” Sure I feel sorry about that dishwasher thing — but judging from the video below — she’s no duck.