Kim Kardashian Confirms Reggie Bush Dumped Her — Airs Phone Call

I’ve watched many episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and the clip below might be the only time I’ve ever seen “the real” Kim Kardashian.  She’s constantly acting like a deer in the headlights, who is trying to navigate her crazy family.  On the season finale of her reality show, she actually abandoned her ridiculous, soft-spoken baby voice to have a genuine conversation with her ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush.  Personally, I’m not sure it was appropriate to have the phone call aired on television, but if she chose not to air it, then she would just be adding to the list of fake episodes that she’s already filmed.  Plus, Reggie Bush had to consent to having his phone call on television, which means I don’t exactly feel sorry for him.  The biggest revelation  in the video below, is that Reggie dumped Kim, despite her previous proclamation that it was “mutual.”