Keeping Up With the Kardashians Ratings Drop — Here’s Why

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 15
KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS — Season: 9 — Pictured (l-r): Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian — (Photo by: Timothy White/E!)


I’ve kept up with the Kardashians over the years, and despite being once impressed by their ascent, Season 15 struggled . . . to say the least. One might think the Kardashians would perform strongly given the drama in their personal lives, but this was their least authentic on-screen effort of all time.

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Kris Jenner Addresses Caitlyn Jenner’s Tell-All

My longtime followers hate my posts about the Kardashians, but it’s my blog, and I’ll do what I want. The good news for those who object is that their ratings are slipping, but that is a fact I find odd considering this is the juiciest, most honest season yet. In the clip below, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner discuss Caitlyn Jenner’s tell-all book which Kris feels bashes her, and there are many revelations. First, Kris wishes that Caitlyn had told her why she and her ex-wife, Linda Thompson actually broke up. Both parties admit it was over Caitlyn’s gender identity issues, which Bruce conveniently left out when marrying Kris. Kim harshly proclaimed that Caitlyn ruined three lives with her dishonesty. Kris also says that Caitlyn accuses Kris of hoarding their money, which Kris points out was used to support the family. Watch below.

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Kim Kardashian Slut-Shames Scott’s Lover on Keeping Up

If you watched the most recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you’d have seen Kim Kardashian slut-shame one of Scott’s trysts. This came AFTER Scott learn that Kourtney Kardashian had moved on with another man and acted out of retaliatory emotion. When Kim learned that Scott had a woman in his hotel, she confronted her inside the bathroom, as she was presumably hiding from the cameras . . . and the Kardashians. Kim called her a “slut,” a “whore,” and a “groupie,” and told her to leave. To give her the benefit of the doubt, it’s quite possible Kim knew this girl, because she seemed to immediately recognize her, and it’s also possible that Scott previously cheated on Kourtney with her. That’s an assumption weighed HEAVILY in Kim’s favor, given that calling a complete stranger a whore is the highest form of slut-shaming, especially since Scott is not technically a taken man. As for the word “groupie,” this girl did not sign the waiver, which means she DID NOT want to appear on camera. Isn’t that the opposite of a groupie? If she wanted her fifteen minutes, she’d be on camera. To be fair, perhaps Kim and the EPs of Keeping Up might have unilaterally decided to keep her off camera as punishment. Who knows. But OF ALL PEOPLE to slut-shame . . .

Kourtney Kardashian Calls Scott Disick an “As*hole”

Like them or not, the Kardashians air their dirty laundry in the most honest of fashions, which inludes the demise of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s relationship for the entire world to see. Disck has honestly aired his addictions, but has yet to honestly air his recovery. Hopefully that will change on the current season, because he got sober after Kourney kicked him out. Watch a clip for tonight’s episode, where Kris tries to mediate their strife over Scott visiting the kids.
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Tim Gunn Talks Kardashians: “An Aura of Yuck”

Tim Gunn’s tour of taking down fashion failures took a new turn to the Kardashian Klan, who the ‘Project Runway’ host feels perpetuate an “aura of yuck.” He objects to their “distasteful” style picks, which I can only guess includes excessive body-con dresses, followed by over-the-top accentuating of their gigantic, plumped up asses.Gunn goes on to suggest that with all their resources, it’s bad to suggest that “you too can dress this way.” Watch the very funny video below.

Scott Disick’s Alcoholism Featured on Hamptons Episodes

Doesn’t an inside look at the addictions of a person who recently lost both his parents seem HILARIOUS? In fact, it’s apparently entertaining enough to broadcast on national television with zero educational additions about seeking help for alcoholism. Scott Disick’s addiction issues have long been a subject of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, yet his family clearly values fame over privacy. The clip in question is below, and if you are seeking help, visit HERE to find meetings in your area.

Kim Kardashian Explains Robert Kardashian’s Wedding Exit

There’s a fine line between empathy and enabling, and Kim Kardashian West seems to have mastered the dance. Though Andy Cohen went easy on the reality star, he did get the dirt Robert Kardashian’s infamous exit from her wedding, and she didn’t hold back. Watch below to see Kardashian explain her tough love approach to her little bro.

Kim Kardashian’s Ass Takes Over Instagram — Cheeky or Trashy?

If your entire brand is based on your looks, it would make sense to immediately start posting form-flattering pictures for the public’s purview. That being said, sexcapades have a shelf-life, especially for women, and it would also make sense for Kim Kardashian to consider a career beyond her bodacious behind. I’m not sure what that career would entail, considering the entire Kardashian clan has had some less than desirable endeavors, but I’m sure Kris Jenner could pull something out of her sleeve. Take a look at Kim Kardashian’s awe-inducing ass below. Warning: Objects might be bigger than you think.

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian
Courtesy of Kim Kardashian

Lamar Odom’s Drug Abuse — Did the Kardashians Leak This Story?

khloe Kardashian, Lamar OdomDespite popular opinion, TMZ is a credible entertainment news outlet. Its founder, Harvey Levin, is an attorney, and as an attorney, he’s well aware of defamation, and a slew of other causes of action related to lying or publishing inaccurate information. So when TMZ exposed Lamar Odom’s alleged drug abuse, I immediately hypothesized the source of the leak, and all signs point to the Kardashians. How else would they know that Khloe Kardashian hired a private investigator who “stood guard” outside Lamar’s rehab facility? This certainly could have come from a reliable “friend,” but TMZ is far too smart to risk legal liability unless it came from the Kardashians themselves.

And now for my larger point. If the Kardashians did in fact leak this, then I’m inundated with unfavorable adjectives that I will leave out of this article. Why would anyone think its okay to publicly expose someone’s drug addiction? Lamar Odom has his own career, his own children, and his own family to worry about, and this revelation does nothing to ensure his recovery. If it’s a PR move to preempt a divorce fallout from the cheating rumors flying around, then it’s nothing short of evil. Perhaps I’m wrong. I realize they all willingly chose to expose their private lives for public gain. But there’s a line in the sand, and if I’m right, this crossed it.

Brody Jenner on Bruce Jenner: “He Wasn’t a Great Father”

The father/son friction between Bruce Jenner and Brody Jenner isn’t new. Brody frowned upon Bruce’s fathering skills during a Howard Stern interview, where he disclosed that once his father took up with the Kardashians, he took them on as children while simultaneously neglecting his own. That being said, Brody’s on-screen honesty surprised me, especially considering it doesn’t bode well for the Kardashian klan’s image, which is something they adamantly protect. Watch Brody’s disclosure below.