Cold War Kids Interview — Nathan Willett Talks ‘Tuxedos’ EP

Cold War Kids

I discovered Cold War Kids a few years ago, and when I paraded around Los Angeles asking others if they had found this hidden gem, I quickly realized they are not so hidden after all. To date, the Long Beach-based band has released four albums and over five EPs, and their extensive touring schedule indicates a very loyal following. I had the fortunate pleasure of attending the first show for their latest tour, and it became immediately clear that this band thrives on performing live. Their on-stage energy is contagious, and they not only feed off their fans, but also each other. When I played their most recent EP, Tuxedos, I was mesmerized by the haunting sound, and I immediately seized the opportunity to interview lead singer Nathan Willett.

Your new EP, Tuxedos, is a very stripped down version of your previous material. Was that sound an intentional choice?

I don’t think necessarily that it was a plan, but you know even on the record itself it’s kind of more down-tempo.

Do you look at your EP’s as an opportunity to do something different?

It’s definitely an opportunity to do something different. You’re not going to have as critical an eye or the same expectations. [It’s about] the fun of knowing you’re getting to release these songs and it’s something that the true fans are more likely to dig into. We’ve always done it from the very beginning. We had three EP’s before we put out our first record.

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