Why I’m Not Watching This Season’s Apprentice

I confess that I’m an avid fan of competition television.  I love Project Runway, and I’ve always looked forward to The Apprentice.  When The Apprentice started to cast celebrities, I was first opposed to the idea, and then I started to watch it and immediately got hooked.  I love seeing whether celebrities are actually capable of executing intelligent business decisions.  The greatest surprise in the history of the show was Bret Michaels.  Had you asked me what I thought of him prior to The Apprentice, I would have said he is “dumb as rocks” (Rock of Love pun intended).  Then I saw him on Celebrity Apprentice, and he blew me out of the water (no Rock of Love pun intended).  So when Trump announced that they would return to the original format of the show, and cast “regular people,” I was very disappointed.  Last night, I tried to watch this season, and I turned it off twenty minutes in.  I will attempt to explain my reason by using an analogy.  Say you love ordering lasagna at Italian restaurants.  Then, after years of ordering lasagna, you come to my house for dinner, eat my mother’s lasagna, and realize that you’ve been eating terrible lasagna your whole life.  Once you’ve tasted gourmet, it’s over.  Make sense?  Why do I want to watch a bunch of nobodies taking themselves so damn seriously?  At least when it’s ridiculous Hollywood types, I can justify it by saying they’ve been pampered for the last 15 years and can’t adjust to being bossed around.  Alright, please feel free to use that genius analogy elsewhere — I won’t copyright it.