Kelly Clarkson Still Bad-Mouths Ryan Tedder — Classless

Hasn’t Kelly Clarkson learned her lesson about bad-mouthing heavy hitters in the industry? To promote her new album, ‘Stronger’, Clarkson revisited the Ryan Tedder controversy and once again accused him of giving her and Beyonce the same song. The two songs in question are Beyonce’s ‘Halo’ and Clarkson’s ‘Already Gone.’ Clarkson learned of the similarity after watching YouTube mashups and she later pointed the finger at Tedder in the press. Tedder was rightfully pissed that Clarkson smeared his song-writing reputation.

In an effort to give Clarkson the benefit of the doubt, I played both songs for my musician friend, Steve Aho, who said that, although they sound similar, “it’s a very common chord progression” that “isn’t even identical.” Since I’ve done my musical research, I can now safely say that Kelly Clarkson is irresponsible and classless. You do not bad-mouth a musician because some douchey people made YouTube mashups of your song. Perhaps she should write her own material so she needn’t worry about this nonsense. Oh wait — she did — and it didn’t work.

Kelly Clarkson is Angry at Ryan Tedder? – Or Just in General?

Some people are speculating that Kelly Clarkson’s new song ‘wash, rinse, and repeat,’ takes a dig at Ryan Tedder, who wrote her hit single, ‘Already Gone.’  Clarkson publicly lashed out at Tedder after she heard Beyonce’s ‘Halo,’ accusing him of basically writing the same song for both of them so he could make double the money.  Tedder said that the two songs are similar because he has a specific song writing style, but he in know way tried to get away with pitching the same song to two different artists.  Personally, I’m sick of Kelly Clarkson’s disrespectful attitude.  First of all, she lodged a mighty accusation Tedder’s way, which could have been extremely damaging to his career.  And those songs don’t sound near enough alike to warrant such a tongue lashing.  Second, Kelly Clarkson needs to keep her big mouth shut.  You might remember her insulting the legendary Clive Davis when he correctly predicted that her non-pop album would tank.  Listen below and determine for yourself whether she is perpetuating this Tedder accusation.