Jonathan Alperyrie is Whitney Port’s Mysterious French Photographer on ‘The City’

After scouring the internet for way too long, I discovered the name of the steamy French photographer that shot Whitney Port’s look book on last night’s ‘The City.’  His name is Jonathan Alpeyrie, and I’ve listed his website below.  I dedicated such an insane amount of time locating his name because . . . well, I’m pretty shallow and he’s very good looking.  Aside from that, he really is talented.  I hope that Whitney will come to her senses and go on another date with the guy, but after seeing her eyes glaze over when he brought up a heavy subject involving something other than clothes and glitter, I imagine she’ll stay uninterested.  Sigh – perhaps she’ll find someone she has more in common with. 

Jonathan Alperyrie Website

Sex and the City 2 Cast Interview With Entertainment Weekly – Read the Highlights

I’d recommend getting the entire interview because they discuss the history of the show.  But read the highlights below.

Sarah Jessica Parker on her favorite scene
“[I]t’s the “up the butt” one.  If I had to pick one scene that people are like, “That’s what that show is!” in the worst possible way, it’s that one.  But in the best way, too.”

Kristin Davis on her first day with Sarah Jessica Parker
“Sarah Jessica had this big thing of Krispy Kreme doughnuts,a nd she invited me to her trailer.  She said, “Let’s hang out and get to know each other.”  We had 18 hour days, so we bonded pretty quickly.  The most famous person on the set, you take their lead.”

David Eigenberg (Steve) on auditioning for the show
“I remember having to fake an orgasm in their office once.  That was awful.”

Jason Lewis (Smith) on his first day with the show
“I was nervous as hell . . . .  I was supposed to be objectified by 30 or 40 women.  It was like a kid going to his first day at a new school . . . and I realized I didn’t know a single soul.  And then Kristin Davis came by and swooped me up.”

Chris Noth (Big) on the show in general
“it was just fucking funny in a way that’s irreverent, in a way that TV never was before.”

Sarah Jessica Parker Insists that She and Kim Cattrall Don’t Hate Each Other

In Sarah Jessica Parker’s new interview with Marie Claire, she was asked the invetiable question.  Is it true that she and Kim Cattrall hate each other?  No, insists Parker.  So why the rumors?  “Because the press has to put women in these boxes,” says Parker.  “Rather than show them as the movie portrays them: working together and being powerful.”  While it’s true that the press is filled with some blood sucking maggots, this particular rumor happens to have some merit.  There was a time when the ‘Sex and the City’ film was shelved, and Kim Cattrall was to supposedly to blame.  In fact, Kristin Davis admitted on Letterman that everyone was on board for the original film except one person.  Cattrall’s camp even released statements to the press that she had no interest in doing the film.  Cattrall said that she turned it down because “the timing wasn’t right.”  Though I’m guessing she was either offered more money or she realized that it was probably a good career move to continue the franchise. 

‘The City’ Spoiler – Olivia is "Dead"

Yes I am aware that I am loading my website up with spoilers, much to the dismay of some of my readers who hate them.  The good news?  I love them, and here at justTHEdish I get to do what I love.  Tonight’s episode of ‘The City’ looks especially juicy, with Kelly Cutrone’s proclamation that Olivia Palermo is “dead.”  It looks like Olivia is pissed that Erin circumvented her attempt to shun Whitney from Elle, so she refuses to interview her for Elle online.  That leads Erin to confess to Whitney that Olivia never liked her line.  This show sure is juicy!

All Male Writers Need to Stop Reviewing the ‘Sex and the City 2’ Trailer

It’s been brought to my attention that the new ‘Sex and the City’ trailer has been met with some angry reviews by men.  Shocker.  If you’re unable to step outside your own genre, then don’t review it.  The first film also received many negative reviews by men, and it went on to gross $415 million worldwide.  So I guess this is a good sign.  Back off guys!  Ladies everywhere – watch the trailer below!

John Corbett and Bo Derek are a Couple – Who Knew?

In a recent interview, John Corbett described how he met his girlfriend of 8 years, Bo Derek.  All I could think was – What?!  I never even knew they were together.  You might remember Bo Derek as the extremely beautiful woman that Dudley Moore’s character was obsessed with in the film ’10.’   A friend set her and Corbett up after Corbett told the friend that he needed  a date for an Oscar party.  I suppose I think this is so odd because I figured Corbett would be with some young up and coming Hollywood actress, that was nipping at his heels for the spotlight [insert George Clooney joke here].  She’s still got it though!   

Yes! John Corbett Will be in ‘Sex and the City 2’

John Corbett was thankfully lying when he said he would not be appearing in the next ‘Sex and the City’ movie.  He apparently will show up somehow in Morroco, though the story line is unclear.  He told Ellen Degeneres that he can finally confirm the news because he will be seen in the trailer.  Personally, I have always liked Mr. Big more than Aiden, but I am all for the men fighting over Carrie.  Watch him break the news below.