Today’s Thought: Tom Selleck — The Only Man that Can Rock a Mustache

There’s nothing more disgusting than a man with a mustache.  Especially when said man attempts to hit on me, and I think, “do you seriously think I’d accept a sexual proposition from a man with a mustache?”  Then I got to thinking — there is at least one man in the world that can successfully pull off a mustache, and still look yummy in the process.  That man is Tom Selleck.  After using my very large brain to figure out what it is about Selleck that makes him stache-tastic, I’m at a loss.  Is it the thickness?  Please take the time to come up with an explanation in the comments section below.

Tom Selleck Confirms Talks for ‘Three Men and a Baby’ Sequel

Though I am usually opposed to Hollywood’s creatively devoid attempt to cash-in by destroying my favorite films with terrible sequels, this is an exception. Tom Selleck (also known as the only man on the planet that can successfully rock a mustache) confirms that he’d be interested in making a sequel to ‘Three Men and a Baby’, which is tentatively being called ‘Three Men and a Bride.’ He said he looks forward to reuniting with Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg, and he knows a script is already in the works. ‘Three Men and a Little Lady’ is one of my favorite sequels of all time, so the idea of making a third film sounds great.  Also, did I mention that I’m very attracted to Tom Selleck?