Usher Intrigues as Cigar Aficionado’s Cover Man

Successful singer/songwriter, Usher, spoke with Cigar Aficionado while promoting his upcoming album, ‘Looking 4 Myself.’ See what he has to say about Justin Bieber, the internet’s effect on music, and what inspires him. Visit CIGAR AFICIONADO for more.

CA0914_cover5 (1)On “Yeah,” his multimillion selling song from his 2004 album, “Confessions:” “It was not an automatic hit, at least to me, which is funny considering how massive it turned out to be. When I first got the song, it came from a producer who always gave everybody the same sound. The demo he gave me sounded like the same thing he was giving to everybody else. So I asked him if he could redo it—and when he did, it sounded like something that would be a hit record.”

On how the Internet has killed the music industry: “The Internet has killed the music industry. People don’t wait in line anymore at a Target or a Tower Records for a new CD to be released; they just download it. When you see companies like Blockbuster and Tower going out of business, you know the industry has changed.”

On what inspired him to make universally appealing music: “I was 8 or 9 and I was enjoying Michael Jackson and so was my mother. And so was my grandmother. How’s that possible? That, to me, represents success: when you manage to be part of the conversation with all ages.”

On his cigar-smoking style: “I like the smell and taste of a good cigar. It’s a great fit that truly celebrates the occasion. And there’s nothing better, when you’re in a space where you’re being creative. There’s something about savoring a moment, rather than wracking your head to find a creative solution. I’m too young to consider myself a connoisseur. I just enjoy smoking cigars. And I’m not blowing smoke up your ass.”